The “TEENAGE YEARS” is a very vital period in the life of a child. This is a period where the mind of a child is willing, anxious and eager to explore.

One could ask, explore what?
This question requires an answer but can only be answered individually.

On a general perspective, the Teenage years is filled with lots of Emotional Instability, Ethical Deficiencies, Character Flaws, Moral Challenges, Peer Pressure and a whole lot. This is a phase of life that precedes Adulthood, and requires proper attention.

Teenagers are so active and full of energy, this energy needs to be channelled appropriately, thereby helping the child build and develop a well balanced personality. This does not just happen automatically, it is a process, which requires Learning.

Yes, it requires Learning, Learning Basic Life Principles, Learning Morals, Ethics, Molding and Shaping Character, Discovering One’s Self, Developing Sound and Healthy Value System, Preparing the Mind for Adulthood and even Choosing a Path  to Follow in Life. Everyone has a destiny in Life, you need to discover yours and live by it.

You need to maximize this phase of life, for a better future.

Thank You.


  1. Johnson says:

    Building better habits for the young mind. One Swahili proverb wraps this up “Samaki mkunje angali mbichi”

    1. AMA NTEKIM says:

      Thank you very much.🙏

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