Parenting is so challenging now, judging from what is happening around us. Little, or no attention is given to building the lives of these young ones. There are so many teachings out there, but with very few examples to accompany this teachings.

We have a lot of Teachers who teach, but don’t practice what they teach, and Parents who don’t model the right lifestyle for their young ones. So many things are going from bad to worse, and from worse to worst. A lot is happening.

…Building Teens…

A Child yearns for guidance, but has none, a Child longs for someone to talk to, but no listening ear, that won’t take undue advantage of the situation. A Child struggles to understand life and who he is, but is sometimes made to believe who he is not.

There is so much confusion on the Child’s mind. These issues, if allowed to linger longer than necessary, could affect the Child’s life negatively, thereby affecting the society at large.

Life matters requires so much, it requires time, energy, and even resources. The “TEENAGE YEARS” requires so much attention. The challenges associated with this phase of life requires so much attention, these issues needs to be properly addressed, so they can grow up with a Sound and Healthy Mind, and become Adults with Pleasing Personalities.

We need to build these lives to be who they were created to be.


Thank You.


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