The human body is a composition of many organs. They are interconnected, but wired to perform different functions. The eyes for sight, the kidneys to filter waste, the nose for breathing, the womb to house babies, and so on.

These body parts are created to function in different ways. The brain is a part of the human system. It functions in a very unique way, helping humans build mental capacity and put their sense of reasoning together.

There are lifestyles that poses serious threat to the wellbeing of the human organs, thereby causing health failure and mental disorder.

Humans are a creation of nature, and nature has laws. There are ways in which the human body is designed to function, anything contrary could cause harmful effect to the body.

The use of harmful substances is detrimental to Health. Alcoholism and the use of Narcotics is known to cause serious ailment such as kidney failure, brain disorder, etc. The harmful effect of ingesting these substances has caused untimely death for some people.

Some have become so addicted that it seems impossible to do without it, but you know what, with determination and persistence, you can drop this wrong lifestyle, and adopt a better and healthy one.

That addiction has probably had a negative effect on your attitude, and state of mind. You can rise above it, and build healthy lifestyles that will influence your life positively.

For every Teenager out there struggling with one form of addiction or the other, you need to believe that you can be free from it. You have to make a decision to drop those harmful lifestyles, after which, you find practical ways to overcome that addiction.

Now is the time to build your life, so get rid of every harmful and unhealthy lifestyle that will hinder your advancement.

If we’ll have to tell a new narrative about Africa, it is pertinent we cultivate healthy lifestyles, good attitudes and habits, that will influence and advance our Nation positively.

You can do it, if you believe you can.

Thank You.

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