“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end there of are the ways of death” – Proverbs 16:25 You know, a lot of things in life operates via laws and principles. There are orders and pathways through which life operates. If you want to make the best use of anything,…More


It must be remembered that the period of Adolescence (Pre-adulthood, Teens) is one in which the mental nature of the individual is undergoing great changes, and as such, this period of life requires proper guidance. Teenagers should be guided against Peer Pressure, which is capable of making them do what they wouldn’t want to do.…More


There is this feeling that comes with being a “TEENAGER“. Most Teenagers already feel they are grown up, and so should be granted the freedom to do things their way. In the course of seeking such freedom, most of them tend to struggle with discovering who they truly are. Some allow the Society to define…More


The human body is a composition of many organs. They are interconnected, but wired to perform different functions. The eyes for sight, the kidneys to filter waste, the nose for breathing, the womb to house babies, and so on. These body parts are created to function in different ways. The brain is a part of the…More


Have you ever wondered why some Teenagers are easily pressured into living a wrong lifestyle? A lifestyle that is capable of destroying their Lives and Destinies. Have you ever wondered why some Teenagers find it difficult to follow through with what is right? No matter what their peers do or say? Have you ever wondered…More

5 Things I’ve Learned in Life as a 24 year-old Christian

From my perspective, being 24 is the part of my life where I slowly try to establish myself and my life towards where I want to be in the coming years. And of course, that’s something that I am trying hard every single day to do and accomplish. It’s not easy, not at all. Not…More


I can vividly remember on the night of the 27/07/2018, one of my best friend’s seated by me, sharing such an emotional story with me. Sadly, I can’t vivify the story because it was one that brought much dimness that was accompanied by a great sombre mood that had seemingly taken over the whole atmosphere…More


Discipline is just one word some people don’t like to hear, some even dread the process. The human nature craves for convenience. The human nature desires to do things its own way, not minding the fact that everything in life operates under laws and principles. This ought not to be so. We should be willing…More


The “TEENAGE YEARS” is a very vital period in the life of a child. This is a period where the mind of a child is willing, anxious and eager to explore. One could ask, explore what?This question requires an answer but can only be answered individually. On a general perspective, the Teenage years is filled…More

Growth: Death

I tried to grow. To learn something new and feel the joys of it. To adopt healthy habits and completely dispatch old unproductive habits. But I was yet to know what growth really was. I tried to conventionally learn new habits but at the end of every day, it became clear to me that I…More

Time to build

The Teenage years go by so quickly. You are only that age for a period of time, after which, you are no longer referred to as a Teenager. When those years are over, you have the rest of your life to live.  The decisions you make today are building blocks for your future – make…More

Why the environment needs your efforts !

According to the Green Belt Movement, over 24 million plastic bags are used monthly in Kenya, half of which end up in the solid waste mainstream and into Kenyan water bodies. Imagine that kind of number in the oceans, monthly ! Plastics have been the major non-biodegradable waste materials present in Kenyan oceans and rivers.…More

Old Thought !

The sun rises in the East and sets in the West, daily ! Every event which has happened today and during this year had previously happened, somehow. Pandemics have been in the earth since as early as 541. Nothing is new ! Yet for some reason however, people, a majority fail to learn from this.…More


Everyone has a reason to why they live, everyone has his/her race to run, a story to write at the end of the day. Do you know your purpose? Does it have a meaning to you? What are you doing to ensure that your race is in accordance to your purpose? Starting each day knowing…More