Building Teens…….

There is this feeling that comes with being a “TEENAGER“. Most Teenagers already feel they are grown up, and so should be granted the freedom to do things their way.

In the course of seeking such freedom, most of them tend to struggle with discovering who they truly are. Some allow the Society to define them, some Peers, Teachers etc.

Some try to discover who they are, so they can have some direction in life, while some are so overwhelmed and confused, thereby giving people the right to order their lives around, even when they are on the wrong path.

These, and many more are the reasons why this phase of life requires proper Guidance, Coaching and Mentoring. It is a preparation stage for the next phase of life, which is Adulthood.

Every Teenager needs to have a “SELF-IDENTITY“. The earlier a Child is made to understand this, the better for everyone. Self-Identity is simply a person’s Individuality, Personality or Uniqueness. Self-Identity  is the awareness of one’s unique identity.

An example of Self-Identity is the feeling of a Teenager that he can be who he is, instead of falling into the pressure of drugs and alcohol, prostitution, wrong lifestyles and so on.

If a Child has a proper understanding of who he is early enough, we believe it will be difficult for the Child to be pressured into living a wrong lifestyle.

So as a TEENAGER out there, do you really know who you are? You need to ask yourself this question, and provide answers too.

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