It must be remembered that the period of Adolescence (Pre-adulthood, Teens) is one in which the mental nature of the individual is undergoing great changes, and as such, this period of life requires proper guidance.

Teenagers should be guided against Peer Pressure, which is capable of making them do what they wouldn’t want to do.

Teenagers should be taught to make right and appropriate decisions. It is a skill that needs to be embraced, they’ve got to learn to plan their lives, and that also means, learning the consequences of making the wrong decisions too.

Talking to Teenagers……

Teenagers also need to be able to think for themselves. Their reasoning ability should be developed cause this will be a very useful tool in managing life’s challenges.

Their sense of initiative should be nurtured to function efficiently and effectively. This, also will help in handling diverse kinds of Peer Pressure, and will also help the Child build a sound and healthy lifestyle.

Developing a good sense of initiative will also have a direct effect in molding the Child’s mindset over a lot of things. It will give the Child a good starting point to understand Life’s Values and Principles, thereby shaping the Child’s Character.

It’s a process, it doesn’t happen all at once. This process needs to be initiated, nurtured and allowed to grow to maturity.

Teenagers needs to start developing a sound mental capacity. This will help them make wise decisions per time, and also discern the right thing to do per time.

It’s all about building these lives for the next phase of life, which is Adulthood. We need to make Hay, while the Sun Shines.

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