We already know that people within the age bracket of 13 – 19 are referred to as “TEENAGERS“.
They are sometimes referred to as Adolescent. They are pre-adults and they are immature.

The “TEENAGE YEARS” is a phase of life where young people experience a lot of conflicting emotions. They experience some kind of pressure from Peers, Parents and Teachers.

This phase of life comes with excitement, but also with lots of challenges which requires proper attention. Some of these challenges could be Mental, Social, Emotional and even Psychological.

Most times, these Teenagers get so overwhelmed with the challenges associated with this phase of life, and they seem not to know what to do, or who to talk to. So many of them turn to some places and people to help them pull through, but some of these people and places end up messing and complicating their lives.

Some build up bad habits, which could truncate their destiny. They feed their minds with wrong and unhealthy contents, and model the wrong lifestyle for them. Of course, we all know that wrong lifestyle comes with consequences – aches and pains, trauma, hurts, and sometimes death,
it could be as terrible as that.

The “TEENAGE YEARS” requires Guidance, Coaching, Learning, Mentoring, and a whole lot. Raising and building these lives to be who they ought to be doesn’t come by chance, it doesn’t come cheap either.
It must be intentional, there must be determination and persistence.

If you are in this phase of life, or raising Children within this age bracket, you really need to brace up and do the needful.

We need to raise these young people to become Adults with Sound and Healthy Minds, we need to raise these young people to become Adults with Sound Moral Values, Sound Ethical Values, Life Principles and Adults with a Pleasing Personality.

Now is the time to build them up. Let’s make Hay while the Sun Shines. Of course, it’s not by might, nor by power, but with God and taking personal responsibility, we can achieve a lot.

Let’s build these Young People to become Adults we will be proud of tomorrow.

Thank you.


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