“Words Have Power”, we hear this every now and then, yet most people still care less about the words they utter. Words are capable of enslaving the “Mind”, which somehow, creates room for mental slavery, thereby limiting productivity.

“A little caution is needful, with regards to the words we utter per time”.

This has been the case of many Teenagers, and even some adults. Wrong words uttered to them, or by them has held their minds captive, and has created negative impacts in their lives. The effect has been so devastating and destructive in some cases. Some find it so difficult living above it, and this has given them a wrong sense of direction.

Words can Build Lives, and Words can Destroy Lives. It is a two-way thing. Some are victims of the wrong words that were spoken to them, while some are victims of the wrong words they spoke to themselves, some are even victims of both.

Whatever the case is, there is need to uproot whatever word is influencing your life negatively, and plant the right words on your mind. There are a lot of Teenagers out there, who has been enslaved mentally, due to the wrong words that were spoken to them, or by them. Those words have also influenced their imaginations in a negative way.

You don’t need to continue that way, you can be mentally free from those words that are holding you captive. You don’t need to pass through this phase of life with such mentality, it can be very disastrous. All you need to be free is just at your disposal, grab it, and use it.

Don’t let any negative word limit your life. Be determined to break loose, and be who you were created to be. You have what it takes to be free, so use it, and give your life a meaning, and a sense of direction.

The “Mind” is the theater of war, engage your mind rightly, with the right thoughts and words, and you will see amazing results in your life….

It is your responsibility to purge your mind of whatever word(s) that is not adding to you positively. It is your responsibility to build the life you desire to live, so get up, and do it.
Now is the time to build…………


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