How can Teenagers build and develop their mental capacity?

The mental capacity of a child plays a major part in handling the affairs of life. A child with a good sense of reasoning, and good sense of initiative stands a better chance of making sound, good and right decisions.

We need to pay attention to the mental health of our Teenagers. While they grow in age every year, it is pertinent that they also grow in knowledge and understanding.

This doesn’t come automatically on the child, it has to be developed and nurtured. It is a process, and requires continuity.

We should know that there are habits and lifestyles that are detrimental to the mental development of these young ones. They may look good and nice, but has devastating consequences, which do manifest over time.

We need to help these young ones build a good sense of reasoning and a good sense of initiative. Some had lost this while growing up as kids, and are now living with a distorted sense of reasoning.

This affects the child in taking proper decisions, even in matters where common sense is just all that is required, and nothing much.

The kind of contents these young ones are exposed to, and how they are able to process those contents they feed their minds on plays a major role in impacting their lives, whether on the positive or on the negative.

They should be able to differentiate what is needful and what is not. They should be able to know what is relevant to them, per time, and what is not.

Its only a Child with a sound mental ability that can decipher what is appropriate, and what is not, irrespective of what his peers are doing.

The “TEENAGE YEARS” is transitory, but the lifestyles adopted during this phase of life could have a lasting impact, both on the positive aspect, and the negative aspect.

This is a task we must engage in, to help raise and build these young ones to become Adults with Sound Minds.

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